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We are grateful for new volunteers at Creative Options, especially those with lived experience and/or skills in working in a mental health setting that they would like to develop and share. You will need to have the ability to listen and talk to people with mental health issues, and in working with us you can develop new skills, such as in cooking, arts and crafts etc.

Why volunteer?

Case Study: Dee's Story

Frances and Dee

(Image: Frances Heather (left) and Dee (right))

"Volunteering can lead to employment - Creative Options has been part of my recovery story and employment history!"

Dee Brown was a volunteer at Creative Options, who worked with us for 4 years. She says:

"I started volunteering with Creative Options because I wanted to contribute to the the mental health community and keep myself busy. In recovery myself from mental health issues--and feeling a lot better--I felt that I could empathize and offer support to people with mental health difficulties. I had been meeting, greeting and befriending; making teas, coffee and snacks since September 2012 when we first opened our doors, volunteered regularly for several years, then Creative Options gained funding so I could be paid part time for some of the hours I worked. As part of my work, I taught computer skills and set up the computer drop in sessions as well as being a co-facilitator in group work. I had been elected chairperson for several years enabling me to have a say on how the organisation is run and to encourage members to step up and help shape the organisation."

"The experience at Creative Options increased my confidence and led me to apply for paid work in the mental health sector. I am now in full time work as a Wellbeing Practitioner working for Solent Mind. A big thank you to Frances Heather (founder of Creative Options) and all the members for their ongoing support!"

How to volunteer

To become a volunteer, you will need to complete an application form, which we can send to you by post, e-mail or we can give to you in person. Please get in contact to receive one.

After the application is complete, we encourage potential volunteers to get stuck in straight away and thus we do not require DBS checks from you until you decide you want to continue working with us more permanently. Please note, however, that volunteers who have not been DBS checked will need to be supervised by members of staff or other volunteers who have been, and cannot be left alone with service users until they have done so.

To get DBS checked requires registering online. You will need to submit a form through UCheck, and we can help you with this if need be.